About Georgia

Trip in   Georgia will be for you an exceptional journey. It is a country of ancient culture and centuries-old traditions of hospitality. The word “guest” for the Georgians has special importance, therefore it is good choice  to visit Georgia, if you are tired of the city bustle. The cordiality and variety of leisure activities makes Georgia one of the most attractive resort countries, while it is accessible to virtually everyone despite the level of income. Only in Georgia you can ski and after an hour  swim in the sea.

IveriaTravel company organizes any tours to Georgia.


A variety of tours to Georgia, which offers IveriaTravel  will give you the opportunity to enjoy the taste of wine made with the help of ancient technologies and eat it with unsurpassed dishes of the famous Georgian cuisine.

Some resorts allow you to combine mountain and sea holidays by  their close location. What will you remember from the trip to Georgia? A warm hospitality that makes every tourist feel at home even when they are away from home; Safety .

Each of the resorts provides a wide range of entertainment for children: attractions, parks, children’s water rafts, schools of young skiers.  Affordable prices for tours to Georgia will allow you to have a good time.  Traveling to Georgia will allow you not only to relax from the city fuss and relax, but also to strengthen your immunity, as well as get rid of a number of diseases.  Where it is better to go on vacation in Georgia depends on your preferences, what are you more interested in,  the murmur of mineral waters or the extreme descents on snowboarding? You can choose entertainment by what do you like.

In addition to natural wonders, Georgia surprises with its centuries-old culture, which is peculiarly manifested in every town. There are many places worthy of attention in this country, since the history of this country was not easy. In a country that has become one of the first on the path of Christianity, many ancient churches and monasteries with a unique inner painting have survived. Of the Christian shrines preserved on the territory of Georgia, every tourist should visit Jvari and Svetitskhoveli. Georgian culture does not end in churches and monasteries, here every city is an open-air museum where you will see the whole essence of Georgian color. The cultural life in Georgia is full and diverse. On the territory of this small country, a modern tourist will find everything that is necessary for a comfortable vacation. Colorful beaches, crystal clear sea and the Caucasus mountains will do everything to make Georgia unforgettable .


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